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Energy & Sustainability

Consulting and sustainability certifications

With the purpose of preserving the environment and controling the CO2 emissions, there are several certifications that serve as a guide for building construction to reduce its impact at both constructive and use level. From PGI Energy&Sustainability we offer a wide range of certifications that ensure your building will be energy efficient and also, will generate a low environmental impact.

Energy & Sustainability

Service details

  • Consultancy and certifications: LEED BD+C (Building Design and Construction), ID+C (Interior Design and Construction), O+M (Operation & Maintenance), ND (Neighbourhood Development), CAMPUS and HOMES (Housing).

  • Consultancy and certifications: WELL New and Existing Buildings, New and Existing Interiors, and Core and Shell.

  • Consultancy and certifications: BREEAM New Construction, In-Use, Homes and Communities.

  • Consultancy and certifications: AEO.

  • Consultancy and certifications: RESET, FITWELL, SITES and VERDE.

  • Consultancy and certifications: Living Building Challenge (LBC).

  • Sector consultancy and certifications: QVerde, Ecolabel, DGQA and BioHotels.

  • Commissioning or start-up services.

  • Life Cycle, Life Cycle Cost and Carbon Footprint analysis.

  • Blowerdoor test, thermograph, air and water quality measurement and radon test services.

  • Acoustic insulation and conditioning consultancy.