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We are the first engineering company in Spain to offer the RESET® certification.

The OMS data show that 9 out of 10 people breathe contaminated air. Air pollution kills an estimated 7 million people worldwide each year. In the last decade, 93,000 people died as a result of air pollution in Spain. 

A study published in 2016 shows that PM2.5 particles contain materials that could contribute to the development of cardiopulmonary diseases and cancer. 


What is the relationship with Covid-19 disease?

It has been verified that, when speaking, sneezing, coughing.... Small particles are generated as aerosols (PM2.5), which can remain in the air for several hours, increasing the risk of infection by Covid-19. 

In addition, people who have been exposed for decades to high levels of particulate matter in the air are 8% more likely to die from Covid-19. 

This is why there is an increasing need to know the indoor air quality of the spaces where we spend most of our time.


RESET® is a set of standards and assessment tools for developing long-term strategies focused on the health of people and the built environment. 

RESET Air monitors various key parameters:

  • PM2.5: Particulate matter from different sources such as dust and soot in the air we breathe. They can lead to lung problems, cancer, and transport viruses, among other health complications.
  • TVOC: Chemical pollutants such as formaldehyde. Very common in building materials, equipment and cleaning products. They can cause headaches, skin rashes, nosebleeds, and/or irritation of the eyes, nose and throat.
  • CO2: It is a non-toxic gas, but in large doses it causes breathlessness, headaches, fatigue and impedes the normal development of the activity performed. Its concentration helps to determine if the ventilation system is working properly or if corrective measures should be taken. 
  • Temperature and Humidity: These variables affect COVID-19's survival capability as well as contributing to user comfort. 
  • CO: colorless and odorless gas, but potentially toxic. It originates as a byproduct from the incomplete combustion of fuels. May cause dizziness, confusion, unconsciousness and even death. 



Projects using the RESET® Standard to monitorize indoor air quality can be accredited or certified at five levels:

  • Project must be registered 
  • Project must use (at minimum, one) RESET Accredited Monitor(s) 
  • Project must use a RESET Accredited Data Provider 
  • 1 month of continuous monitoring 
  • Project must be registered 
  • Project must use (at minimum, one) RESET Accredited Monitor(s) 
  • Project must use a RESET Accredited Data Provider 
  • Allows data analysis and comparison with other projects anonymously 
  • Project must be registered 
  • Project must use (at minimum, one) RESET Accredited Monitor(s)
  • Project must use a RESET Accredited Data Provider Projects
  • Number and location of monitors according to RESET 
  • The Documentation Audit must be passed 
  • It can be applied to buildings under construction 
  • Must meet all the RESET PRE-ACCREDITED conditions 
  • +installation of the monitors 
  • Must pass the Site Audit 
  • Must meet all the RESET ACCREDITED conditions 
  • 3 months of continuous monitoring 
  • + Must pass the Data Audit and meet all relevant thresholds 


In order for a project to obtain the RESET Certified status, it must follow the following steps.


The study of the building, its areas, HVAC system and number of occupants will be conducted in order to perfom and indoor air quality audit.

Afterwards, the number of sensors required will be calculated based on the RESET® standard, and the installation will be carried out. 


The sensors will measure all five critical air quality parameters on a continuous basis.

The information will be available online or through an APP, and can be displayed in multiple ways.

The data will be transferred to the RESET® Cloud where the measurements will be compared with those required by the certification.


If the data gathered complies with the established criteria for an uninterrupted period of three months, RESET® Air certification will be officially obtained.


The RESET standard can be applied to the following types of projects: Commercial Interiors and/or Core and Shell: 

RESET Air for Commercial Interiors consists on continuous monitoring and communication of the indoor air quality in the breathing zone inside each representative space of the building.

The building must prove to have correct or improved air quality parameters, as established by RESET, and based on data provided by international health and air quality organizations.

RESET Air for Core & Shell is a standard for continuous monitoring and communication of the quality of the air supplied by mechanical ventilation equipment. It is only applicable to buildings that have a mechanical ventilation system. Its purpose is to control the quality of the filtered and mixed outdoor air before it is released into the indoor spaces, and to compare it with the quality of the outdoor air, so that the efficiency of the equipment is continuously monitored.


Recent studies show that buildings with healthy, quality spaces can increase worker productivity by 6% to 16%.

  • RESET® Air certification contributes directly to the monitoring and control of key air quality parameters that can affect the health of building occupants. As these parameters are constantly changing, monitoring them ensures that levels are healthy at all times.
  • Healthy air quality leads to a reduction in absenteeism as well as an increase in productivity.
  • RESET® Air facilitates the implementation of corrective measures by providing detailed information on zones and HVAC system efficiency.
  • From a marketing point of view, RESET® contributes to transmit tranquility and security to the employees during the comeback to the office during the ''new normality'' of the current situation.
  • RESET® provides an added value that can have an impact on property rentals as it offers an additional security.
  • WELL® certification accepts RESET® accredited sensors for Features A01 1-3, A07 and A08. The return on investment (ROI) is accomplished in a very short period of time in most cases.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is accomplished in a very short period of time in most cases.

PGI RESET, Service details

We are the first engineering company in Spain to offer the RESET® certification.

As a consultancy with wide experience, we deal with the different phases of the project:

  • Management and preparation of documentation for the certification
  • Visit to the building to be treated
  • Study and calculation of the number of sensors to be used and their location based on RESET® requirements
  • Coordination with third parties for required audits and installation
  • Procedure for obtaining the certification

In the event that the necessary minimums to achieve certification were not met, PGI would guide the customer by proposing different improvement options per prescription.