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PGI Engineering & Consulting

We create a sustainable and healthy future for people and the environment, with an innovative and holistic approach as a global engineering firm


We deliver global, efficient, innovative, and sustainable engineering solutions. We create spaces that promote people’s wellbeing, and we help our clients to grow.

INVOLVEMENT. We are very passionate about what we do and every project receives our utmost dedication. All the professionals involved in each phase take care of all the details.

SOUNDNESS. With 30 years in the industry and more than 5,000 projects performed, we have the expertise and know-how to master the processes that determine the success of a project.

QUALITY, INNOVATION AND TRANSVERSALITY. We pay metiuculous attention to the details with a higlhy qualified and committed team of professionals with a direct consequence: a successful outcome for our clients. Our curiosity is present in all our processes because we are innovative by nature. We understand engineering as a broad and complex territory, which we master globally in order to offer the right solutions in every situation.

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