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Commissioning & Postbuilding

Commissioning and technical advice

This department is focused on the commissioning of the installations and technical advice of all those customer needs during the operation of the property. Their global knowledge of the status of the property enables them to offer, among other services, Commissioning of the facilities, LEED commissioning (Fundamental Commissioning), LEED Enhanced Commissioning, Maintenance plan, Tender Maintenance, Supervision and advice on the maintenance, Maintenance audit, Technical management of the building, Audit of facilities, Due Diligence and a Technical Feasibility Study.

Commissioning & Postbuilding

Service details

  • Comissioning of facilities: It is a quality process focused on improving the design, execution and start-up of the project.
  • Comissioning LEED (Fundamental commissioning): With the latest LEED certification updates, this service is very close to a conventional installation commissioning.
  • Comissioning LEED improved (Enhanced commissioning): A conductive plan of the facilities is prepared, a document for the maintainer to understand how the building has been conceived, with indications for its correct operation.
  • Maintenance plan: Preparation of a guide with maintenance actions to be performed on the equipment of existing facilities.
  • Bidding of maintenance: Advice in bidding phase of maintenance.
  • Maintenance audit: Preparation of a report on the correct performance of the maintenance tasks contained in the maintenance plan and current regulations.
  • Technical building management: Advice to the client on the operation and maintenance of the building, focused on the analysis of the maintenance spots made by the maintainer.
  • Audit installations: Preparation of a technical evaluation document that analyzes the degradation suffered by the installation over time, design errors or non-compliance with regulations.
  • Due Diligence: Preparation of a document of general revision of the technical-legal status of a building.
  • Study of technical feasibility: Preparation of a review report on the suitability of performing some specific action, or the different options available to the client.